Monday, March 10, 2008

Felted creatures




weel..i..have..picked.up a new hobby its called needlefelting! it sounds just like wht it is..

i have pooked my self soooo many times..its crazy

but chek out wht i made

its..called.laser bear
they are rare to find.. avilabe in my shop
chek him..out.
buy will be back with more!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pissssed of...

This days..i am creating softies...who are soooo pisseddd

They have become verry HIT!!

The way i sold many it just seems like everyone is soo mad about something or the

And i have loved working with felt sheets...its easyer then crocheting..but you also have to sew at the same time soo its all the i enjoy it a lot..

here are some of the new pissed of stuff i have been making..
This little racoon is a brooch..and he is soo pisssssed...b/c no one shares any food with him at all..

well my post for today i will keep you up dated on new things to come and some of the awsome sohps i come across on etsy...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Fingerless Gloves!

this was also custome order!! Finger less frist time making something like this..and i love it...
U can find this as well at my shop...
They are made for M..size hands..

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Baby girl elf...

Little friend i made for my BAby boy he woudnt feel lonely...
better view of her.her skirt is removable.

Now for the both friend to come forth..and meat each other..
they look soo cute!!!!

look who else joined in...
this elf i did as coustem order..for some one..

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Baby Fuzzzy...

Baby Fuzzyy..

Baby fuzzy..Who said girls cant be a fighter..and look supper cute...

And She lovesss to pose..for the camera...

And add a little sometin sometin...after baby aashi.. this is my lattest creation..just adore her..even my hubby loves her hehe.. :P
and he never liks my work..

Baby AAshi..

Baby AAshi...

I love this best

work yet..and just my fav. out of all..

It took me some days to

finish this one b/c of was very hard to c the stiches...

Australian Brain Sucker...(Sunflower)


This is a amigurimi which i tested...for a awsome person..who gave me a chance to i have to say this pattern was..wrote and made by a nine year old..

Three Witches....

Two withchs...but the pic is till not compleate...still need one more..

This for holloween..i have made 3 witches...........just couldnt make up mind on wht to put as theire expresion..but will finesh it soon..

Friday, October 5, 2007

Baby Nelly Eley..

Picak A boo!!! HI my name is Nelly..MY b-day 9/24... I know its hard to belive i am baby Girl.
since i am blue and all..but my mom says i am special....and cutee..

This is my first penut...i just couldnt get it too matter wht i did..gzzzzzzz. since i couldnt open this i tryed to have something i went out and climbed on my moms plant..

it lookd yummy but just when i think i got mom cought me..hehe.. i am very naughty.........cant sit n e where need to move allways do something or the other...

I also have sis called Rosy..and brother called Teddy and pen pale in Paris called Pierre..

Gotago....I am soo hungry...